Visualisations Togo

The following visualisations of research on Islam and Muslims in Togo have been generated using the Wikidata query service (SPARQL) and Scholia. It should be noted that the data is not exhaustive. Wikidata is constantly evolving and this dataset will therefore change over time.

Publications per year

Author score

Authors scored according to their publications and citing works within the topic.

Co-author graph

The 25 most prolific authors and some of their co-authors.

Co-occurring topics graph

Only a maximum of the 400 most often occurring links are shown.

Co-occurring topics map

Journals and edited volumes publishing works about the topic

Map of organizations associated with works about the topic

The colours indicate how many publications on the topic are associated with organizations in the given location, as detailed in the legend (top right).

For more visualizations, see also the topic "Islam in Togo" on Scholia.